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Nepal Biodiversity Resource Book

  • Shakya, P.R.
  • Shrestha, S.
  • Basnet, T.B.
  • Bhuju, U.R.
  • Summary
  • Table of contents (13 chapters)
Nepal Biodiversity Resource Book: Protected Areas, Ramsar Sites, and World Heritage Sites builds upon the earlier Biodiversity Profiles of Nepal 1996 to update all available information, published as well as verified in the field, about biodiversity in Nepal. The book is organised in eight chapters and discusses currently reported data on flora and fauna including some analysis of the trends since 1996 following the establishment of protected areas and sites, Ramsar sites, and World Heritage Sites throughout Nepal. The book also makes a note of threatened and protected species, and endemic floral and faunal diversity in individual protected and unprotected sites. The final chapter advances key recommendations based on a comprehensive assessment of the status and issues of biodiversity as a result of the resource book project, and areas and issues which future work on Nepal’s biodiversity must address.


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    International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
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    Kathmandu, Nepal
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