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Economics of environmental effects on health: A methodological review based on epidemiological information

  • Uttam Paudel; Shiva Raj Adhikari; Krishna Prasad Pant
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Economic analysis of environmental effects on health in terms of use and non-use value opens analytical avenues of evaluating criteria, further beyond the results of epidemiological analysis. From the methodological review of the papers, it is inferred that scanty literatures are partially devoted to yield some use value or facts from epidemiology to economic impact evaluation method, basically taking either temperature or humidity and climate change. Based on the methodological issues available in the literatures, this paper critically explored a state-of-the-art-review of methodology with their gaps for the establishment of a new model methodology, incorporating a strong economic valuation procedure for use and non-use values of environmental health effects which creates many rooms for innovative economic evaluation methods beyond the epidemiological results. The demonstration of a new model methodology is able to moisturize the thrust of researchers in quest of a complete methodology for the economic analysis of effects of environmental change on human health.

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    Environmental and Sustainability Indicators, 5(February 2020)
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