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Khasi Community Landscape Restoration and Conservation Project: Mawhplang Lyngdohship, Meghalaya

  • Poffenberger, M.

In Mawphlang in NE India Community Forestry International (CFI) tested the viability of PES for forest conservation and restoration.  Local communities provide carbon , watersheds, and biodiversity  services (old growth forests, rivers, and sacred groves). and receive payments of USD 32/hectare/ year. The cost of the project has been USD 78,000 from 2006 to 2009.  The community used the funds to control forest fires, regenerate 169 ha of degraded forests and river embankments and finance women self help groups which finance small enterprises through low interest micro loans. Other outcomes of the project are:

  • closure of rock quarries  that were devastating the sacred forest area and polluting downstream ground water improvement  and  regeneration of 75 hectares of sacred forest dramatically
  • change of households of low value cows and goats for commercially valuable pigs and hybrid chickens with  less environmental impact on the forest;
  • construction of fuel efficient smokeless stoves
Success factors are:
  • the community resolution to initiate action to restore their forests
  • the village chief, council of elders, was instrumental in closure of rock quarries
  • traditional rules protecting forests have been strengthened and discussed widely at communal meetings and gatherings.
This an example of how bundled PES can aid overall conservation-oriented development programs

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    Mountain Forum Bulletin, Volume X, Issue 1, Janaury, 2010
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