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Bhutanese folktales: Common man?s media with missions for society

  • Sharma, C. S.

Apart from being a mode of entertainment, folktales have been a medium of communicating social ideals, values, morals and philosophy. Bhutanese folktales involve a mission of cultivating Buddhist values and virtues in common man’s life. And for this very sake they involve common man and his life. Entertainment is their aim but in a way that contributes to the well-being and happiness of the society in the long run. In Bhutanese society they have served as a vehicle of ideals. Folksongs too have served as media with mission but they differ from folktales not only in terms of content and form but also in terms of life and pattern, treatment of subjects and flexibility. Unlike folk songs they do not have social or religious regulations. Folktales have been a tool for Bhutanese society to transfer ideals and values from one generation to another via entertainment. The paper attempts to analyse the folktales of Bhutan as common man’s media with some missions. In due course of research it proposes to trace the positioning of common man and his life in the folktales. The sources for this analysis are the available Bhutanese folktales translated into English.

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