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Perisher Range Resorts: Environmental Management System

The Perisher Range Resorts is an area of outstanding natural beauty within Kosciuszko National Park, which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. Our summer and winter recreational facilities are among the best in Australia, and part of the attraction of a holiday in Perisher is the intimacy that a visitor feels with the surrounding landscape. It is recognised that the presence of a tourism resort in a national park creates some level of stress on the environment. Tourists, tourism operators, service providers and land managers all contribute to changing the natural environment to some degree. National Parks and Wildlife Service, the businesses and organisations involved in the Perisher Range and conservation groups have worked together to develop and implement an Environmental Management System that will help us to sustain the environment and to provide world-class recreational facilities in the Perisher Range. The Environmental Management System is simply a structure to help organisations reduce their impact on the environment through targeted, continuous improvement in environmental management. The Environmental Management System is based on the international standard for environmental management: ISO14001. The Environmental Management System represents a systematic approach to managing the environmental impacts and risks associated with the operation of a resort in one of Australia’s most sensitive environments. The Perisher Range Resorts Environment Management System has been developed with the active involvement of National Parks and Wildlife Service staff and in consultation with key stakeholders.
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