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The abc-pyramid atmospheric research observatory in himalaya for aerosol, ozone and halocarbon measurements

  • Bonasoni, P.
  • Laj, P.
  • Angelini, F.
  • Arduini, J.
  • Bonafe, U.
  • Calzolari, F.
  • Cristofanelli, P.
  • Decesari, S.
  • Facchini, M. C.
  • Fuzzi, S.
  • Gobbi, G. P.
  • Maione, M.
  • Marinoni, A.
  • Petzold, A.
  • Roccato, F.
  • Roger, J. C.
  • Sellegri, K.
  • Sprenger, M.
  • Venzac, H.
  • Verza, G. P.
  • Villani, P.
  • Vuillermoz, E.

In this work we present the new ABC-Pyramid Atmospheric Research Observatory (Nepal, 27.95 N, 86.82 E) located in the Himalayas, specifically in the Khumbu valley at 5079 m a.s.l. This measurement station has been set-up with the aim of investigating natural and human-induced environmental changes at different scales (local, regional and global). After an accurate instrumental set-up at ISAC-CNR in Bologna (Italy) in autumn 2005, the ABC-Pyramid Observatory for aerosol (physical, chemical and optical properties) and trace gas measurements (ozone and climate altering halocarbons) was installed in the high Khumbu valley in February 2006. Since March 2006, continuous measurements of aerosol particles (optical and physical properties), ozone (O3) and meteorological parameters as well as weekly samplings of particulate matter (for chemical analyses) and grab air samples for the determination of 27 halocarbons, have been carried out. These measurements provide data on the typical atmospheric composition of the Himalayan area between India and China and make investigations of the principal differences and similarities between the monsoon and pre-monsoon seasons possible. The study is carried out within the framework of the Ev-K2-CNR "SHARE-Asia" (Stations at High Altitude for Research on the Environment in Asia) and UNEP-"ABC" (Atmospheric Brown Clouds) projects. With the name of "Nepal Climate Observatory-Pyramid" the station is now part of the Observatory program of the ABC project.

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