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Nature-based Solutions: Narratives, frames, and future horizons

  • Alexandre Chausson
  • Abraham Bugre
  • Femke Spiegelenberg
  • E. A. Welden
  • Marina Melanidis
  • Summary

In recent years, nature-based solutions (NbS) have emerged to address nature-society challenges by using natural methods to solve modern problems, such as restoring mangrove forests and adding green walls to urban buildings. While NbS projects are being implemented across various sectors, they face both support and criticism.

A new report by Unearthodox, in collaboration with the Nature-Based Solutions Initiative, provides a comprehensive analysis of NbS. It includes viewpoints from a wide range of stakeholders, highlighting both the benefits and limitations of NbS. Proponents view NbS as effective for climate change and resilience, whereas critics stress the need to address underlying structural issues.

Unearthodox has also launched a three-year program, Regenerative Futures, to explore the broader concept of regeneration. This program aims to innovate and drive deep, transformative changes by collaborating with diverse voices to create societies that actively regenerate nature.