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Elevating River Basin Governance and Cooperation in the HKH region: Summary Report I, Yarlung-Tsangpo-Siang-Brahmaputra-Jamuna River Basin

  • Hemant Ojha
  • Jeff Camkin
  • Basundhara Bhattarai
  • Priyanka Gurung
  • Ajay Adhikari
  • Summary

The report “Elevating River Basin Governance and Cooperation in the HKH region: Summary Report I on the Yarlung-Tsangpo-Siang-Brahmaputra-Jamuna River Basin” provides a comprehensive overview of the Brahmaputra River Basin, highlighting its significance as a crucial water resource for over 114 million people. It identifies challenges and opportunities for enhanced basin-scale management, emphasizing the potential for expanding bilateral cooperation, multilateral trade and investment fora, and mutual gains in areas of common interest. The report offers high-level recommendations based on the available literature and global good practices for strengthening basin-wide cooperation, while emphasizing the importance of engaging all relevant stakeholders to ensure effective and inclusive basin-wide cooperation. Key aspects of the report include:

  • A detailed analysis of the Brahmaputra River Basin, its socio-economic trends, environmental characteristics, and climate change impacts.
  • An examination of the state of basin governance, including relevant treaties, policies, and agreements.

The report also focuses on gender and social inclusion (GESI) and engagement with all relevant stakeholders, including people with disabilities, indigenous people, and other marginalized populations in knowledge generation, dialogues, planning, and cooperation at the local and basin scales. It is part of a series of three reports on Elevating River Basin Governance and Cooperation in the HKH Region, which also include reports on the Ganges and Indus river basins.

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    International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
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    Kathmandu, Nepal