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Chapter 5: Cryospheric change, adaptation, and sustainable development in the mountain societies of the Hindu Kush Himalaya

  • Amina Maharjan
  • Graham McDowell
  • Avash Pandey
  • Binaya Pasakhala
  • Milan Shrestha
  • Xiaoming Wang
  • Summary

Chapter 5 of the Water, ice, society, and ecosystems in the HKH (HI-WISE) assessment report presents the current state of knowledge regarding the impacts of cryospheric change on high mountain societies as well as observed adaptations to associated challenges and the contributions these responses make to sustainable mountain development.

Cryospheric change is hitting already marginal and vulnerable mountain peoples hard, and the adverse effects are set to accelerate. Current adaptation approaches have been small-scale and incremental and insufficient to address future needs of communities.

Population growth and infrastructure development have exposed communities to increased cryosphere-related hazards and future disasters will be costlier and deadlier. 

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