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Valuation of marine and coastal ecosystem services in India

  • K. S. Kavi Kumar, R. C. Bhatta, Pranab Mukhopadhya, L. R. Anneboina, P. Naren, Megha Nath, A. Sharan, Santadas Ghosh, V. da Costa, S. Pednekar
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Coastal and marine ecosystems provide a host of services that are of vital importance to human well-being. We estimate the values of several provisioning, regulating, and recreational services using a combination of valuation methods. We find that the total value ofthese services in India was approximately ₹1.9 trillion (or US$0.11 trillion in purchase price parity [PPP] terms) in 2012–13, which constitutes about 2.4% of India’s net national product that year. Recreational services account for the largest share (45%), followed by regulating services (35%) and provisioning services (20%). These estimates do not include all the services provided by coastal and marine ecosystems; therefore, our estimates should be treated as a conservative underestimate of their total economic value. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first such attempt at the national level in India.

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    Ecology, Economy and Society–the INSEE Journal, 5(1)
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