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Influence of season and habitat on birds in a mid-altitudinal village ecosystem of Kailash Sacred Landscape-India

  • Sumit Kumar Arya, Govindan Veeraswami Gopi
  • Summary

The Himalayan biodiversity hotspot with high species diversity, is lesser-known in terms of the seasonal variations within the bird community across different land uses especially in and around human modified land use areas. As seasonal migration of birds impacts the mid altitudinal range more, we monitored four seasons in different habitats of a village ecosystem of the Indian part of Kailash Sacred Landscape lying in the mid-altitudinal range. A total of 408 point counts were conducted, and 2335 individuals of 95 species were recorded belonging to 32 families. Among them, 48 are Himalayan endemics, 15 are Oak forest specialists, and 30 are migratory (altitudinal/local and long-range). We recorded maximum bird diversity in the agricultural land and least in the Chir pine forest. The Spring season was the most species-rich and diverse among all four seasons in this village ecosystem and most of its adjoining habitats. The present study aims to create a baseline on the influence of seasonal change on the avian structure across habitat types in a mid-altitudinal village ecosystem.


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