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Stakeholders perception of used plastics

  • Bishal Bharadwaj
  • Rajesh Kumar Rai
  • Summary

Used plastics are nondegradable solid waste; responsible for soil and water pollution. The use of plastic bags and packaging is increasing. There are strong voices to impose a ban on plastics in general and single-use plastic bags in particular in many parts of the world. However, stakeholders involved in the plastic supply chain have a different economic motive and have different opinions regarding the plastic ban and management strategy. This chapter is based on the primary data collected through the interview with 100 respondents from 5 different stakeholders and secondary information from 43 municipalities of Nepal. This chapter assessed the stakeholders perception of plastic waste management and then developed the integrated solid waste management for Nepal. The findings suggest that stakeholders have their own idea and constraints to manage used plastics. Producers oppose ban policy, whereas NGO and environmental activists see it as a solution. Stakeholders were inconclusive on whether an additional levy on plastic discourages its use. Producer and policymaker fear levy on plastic will increase the price for numerous consumer goods affecting employment and low-income consumers. Collectors suggest that segregation and the increased price of recyclables would boost the employment and recovery rate. Municipalities, who are responsible for solid waste management, seek support from central government. Despite these discrepancies, all stakeholders agreed that recycling and reuse of used plastic could be the common point of agreement. In their view, recycling of waste promotes business for collectors, provides raw material to processors, reduces the waste burden, reduces import of plastic, and contributes to keeping the environment clean.

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    Handbook of solid waste management: Sustainability through circular economy
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    Springer Singapore
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