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Lessons and future perspectives of earth observation and GIT in the HKH

  • Mir A. Matin, Birendra Bajracharya, Rajesh Bahadur Thapa
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During the last decade, SERVIR has been striving for realizing its vision of “Space to Village” by implementing services that provide innovative solutions to improve livelihoods and foster self-reliance with the help of EO and geospatial technologies. Over these years, there has been significant development in the field of EO and geospatial technology. However, the capacity of the key agencies to utilize these advancements to produce, disseminate, and use information has not been able to catch up with these developments. As cited in the previous chapters, SERVIR-HKH has been working with various partners and stakeholders in co-developing and implementing applied, user-driven EO and geospatial information services in the HKH region. SERVIR-HKH recognizes that the sustainability of information products and applications and their use requires an understanding of users and their needs. Understanding the user’s needs and organizational context is the key to delivering effective services. As illustrated in Chaps.  2 and  3, the needs assessment study revealed that the use of geospatial data in the region started in the early 1990s, but there are still gaps in the institutionalization and sharing of that information. Often, individual agencies produce geospatial information for their own purpose and do not share it due to lack of policies. Besides, in most cases, the information would have been generated through specific projects funded by external agencies without proper sustainability planning. And as has happened in many cases, those services could not be continued due to lack of resources and capacity.


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    In B. Bajracharya, R. B. Thapa, & M. A. Matin (Eds.), Earth Observation Science and Applications for Risk Reduction and Enhanced Resilience in Hindu Kush Himalaya Region: A Decade of Experience from SERVIR
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