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Swelter in the city: Urban greenery and its effects on temperature in Guwahati, India

  • Monjit Borthakur; Anup Saikia; Kiran Sharma
  • Summary

Changing urban landscape with multistoried high rises, roads and pavements is continuously reducing urban green space. These structures result in high surface temperature variation within cities. To explore the relationship between surface temperature and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), this study estimates two models—geographically weighted regression (GWR) and a fixed effect panel data model in relation to the Guwahati Metropolitan Area (GMA), a secondary city in north east India. The results indicate the superiority of GWR regression in presence of spatial dependence. Panel data analysis shows that the densely populated urban areas in the GMA with less than 10 per cent greenery are 1°C warmer than the sub‐urban areas with 50 per cent greenery.