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Gis-based sub-watershed prioritization through morphometric analysis in the outer himalayan region of india

  • Swati Sharma
  • A. K. Mahajan

The study indicates the viability of geographic information system and remote sensing data for the analysis as well as estimation of the stage and the rate of erosional processes in a Himalayan watershed for improved planning and management. The Gaj watershed lies in the outer Himalayan region of Himachal Pradesh, India, which has been characterized in to nine sub-watersheds for studying the geomorphological evolution of each separately for comparative assessment irrespective of any scale issue. The method involves the use of 30 m Cartosat (digital elevation model) for operative and time-saving data extraction of morphometric and hypsometric parameters. The estimated hypsometric integral values and the shape of the hypsometric curves reveal varying degree of erosional stages of the sub-watersheds demanding attention over the denudation activities. The results have helped in the qualitative discussions and prioritizing the sub-watershed for sustainable soil–water conservation and management, which can be useful for controlling the erosional activities at right locations in the study area.

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