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Design Manual - Improved Fixed Chimney Brick Kiln

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The methods described and recommended in this manual are based on research and consultation with experts by Minergy Pvt Ltd and Federation of Nepal Brick Industries (FNBI). This manual is expected to serve as a basic tool for construction engineers and supervisors to delineate the essential parameters for the construction of an Induced as well as Natural Draft Zig-Zag kilns. However, there are unique features for most brick kilns and kiln sites, so no single design recommendation is appropriate for all kilns. Thus, the proposed design has been developed for particular conditions, as described under the respective headings, recognizing the inherent variability that exists in Nepal. The user should utilize this guide as a reference to support kiln improvements. The authors, publishers or any legal entity or person associated with this design manual disclaim any responsibility (legal, social or fi nancial) for any adverse conditions/consequences resulting from the suggested procedures, from any undetected errors, or from the readers misunderstanding of the text.

By utilizing this manual, the user expressly acknowledges and agrees that the authors, publishers, suppliers, licensees, legal entity or any person associated with this design manual are not responsible for the results of decisions resulting from the use of the manual, including, but not limited to, choosing to seek or not to seek professional/expert opinion or choosing or not choosing specifi c structural kiln design based on the manual.

This publication may be reproduced in whole or in part and in any form for educational or non-profi t purpose, provided acknowledgement of the source is made. No use of this publication may be made for resale or any other commercial purpose.

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