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Fully Implementing the Immigration Policy, Quickening the Pace of Poverty Eradication among Migrants – an Interview with Wang Zhengguo, Director of Immigration and Development Bureau

  • Huang, P. H.

Annotation :::: Regarding the present situation of migrants in Honghe prefecture, the number of previously and new migrants has accumulated to 51,310 from the 1950s to the present. Of this number, 45,367 people who migrated before 2006 have not thoroughly reduced their poverty level for various reasons; and 5,943 who migrated after 2006 still suffer from a substandard production mode and low standard of living. There is a significant distance between the present situation of those migrants and the requirements of a well-off society. In the future, Honghe prefecture will see the continuous generation of new migrants and face new challenges of resettlement. As for the question of how to achieve the goal of improving living standards of both migrants and local residents, Wang Zhengguo, Director of Immigration and Development Bureau of Honghe Prefecture, suggests that the government sector must try to explore a compensation mechanism for resettlement, better implement the transfer of the migrant work force, and improve the development of the eco-environment in each resettlement. He says that living standards and the self-development capability of migrants can improve through compensation for resettlement, later-stage support, and industrial development. Furthermore, training courses can be conducted for migrants through multiple channels so as to improve their production and living skills. He goes on to suggest strengthening the studying and training of cadres so as to improve their capabilities for implementing policies, promoting migration-related work, controlling crises, solving problems, and providing services for migrants.