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The Relocation of Migrants Has Benefited the Poverty-Stricken Population

  • Feng, J. L.
Annotation :::: Poverty-alleviation-oriented migration was put into practice in Hebei province in the late 1990s. The CPC committee and government of Hebei province formally listed poverty-alleviation-oriented migration as one of “the new-stage four greatest poverty alleviation projects” in the whole province in 2003 and one of “the ten livelihood projects” in 2005. It relocated people from Taihangshan Mountain and Yenshan Mountain in a planned and orderly way, and according to statistics, 250,000 poor people needed to be relocated in Hebei province. Finally, the report concluded that the implementation of the project of poverty-alleviation-oriented migration helped solve the problems of water supply, traffic facilities, power supply, and children’s education, which were all difficulties for the people living in remote mountain villages. At the same time, it expanded the space for development and income opportunities, gradually restored the eco-environment of the places of emigration, and thus eased the tensions between population, resources, and environment.
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