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Comparing Ensemble Projections of Flooding against Flood Estimation by Continuous Simulation

  • Smith, A.
  • Freer, J.
  • Bates, P.
  • Sampson, C.
Climate impact studies focused on the projection of changing flood risk are increasingly utilized to inform future flood risk policy. These studies typically use the output from global (GCMs) and regional climate models (RCMs). However the direct application of GCM/RCM output is controversial as often significant biases exist in predicted rainfall; instead a number of alternative ‘correction’ approaches have emerged. In this study an ensemble of RCMs from the ENSEMBLES and UKCP09 projects are applied, via a number of application techniques, to explore the possible impacts of climate change on flooding in the Avon catchment, in the UK. The analysis is conducted under a continuous simulation methodology, using a stochastic rainfall generator to drive the HBV-light rainfall run-off model under a parameter uncertainty framework. This permitted a comparison between the projections produced by differing application approaches, whilst also considering the uncertainty associated with flood risk projections under observed conditions.
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