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Trends of Water Resource Development and Utilization in Arid North-West China

  • Feng, Q.
  • Cheng, G. D.
  • Masao, M. K.

From an analysis of the current water resources and their development and utilization in arid north-west China, the authors conclude the extent of channelled water accounts for only 56.0% of the total, exploitable surface-water resources of arid north-west China. The utilization ratio of canal systems is 42%, and farmland use is 0.8. When the ground and surface waters of river basins in the region are comprehensively developed, the channelled water will reach its climax, accounting for 80% of the total, exploitable surface-water resources, which would constitute a 91% increase over current levels in surface-water resource development. In the future, the utilization ratio of canal system as well as the utilization ratio of farmland water will reach 0.9 with the help of scientific and technological advancements. The channelled water is the same as the comprehensive development and utilization stages, but the total water use will be increased by 247×108 m3, and will reach 756.8×108 m3, accounting for 88.2% of the total, exploitable surface-water resources in arid north-west China. Also, the authors suggest that the scientific and technological measures to increase the water-use ratio include improving management, strengthening protection of water resources and the environment, and increasing studies of water saving techniques

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