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Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment: The Mountain Biodiversity Research Network of DIVERSITAS

  • Spehn, E.

The Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) is DIVERSITAS&rsquo; oldest international cross-cutting research network, founded in Glion, Switzerland in 1999. GMBA aims to provide the scientific basis for conservation and sustainable use of mountain biodiversity by encouraging and synthesising the often hidden and fragmented results of research on high-elevation organismic diversity, its regional and global patterns and its causes and functions. A central paradigm is that functional insight and theory will only emerge from large-scale comparisons. GMBA intends to increase the visibility of mountain biodiversity issues: <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>through engaging scientists in developing research agendas on important mountain biodiversity themes, forming a research network to tackle focused scientific questions;</li> <li>promoting standardised methodologies;</li> <li>developing a global mountain biodiversity data portal;</li> <li>undertaking analysis, synthesis and integration of activities on particular mountain biodiversity themes;</li> <li>investigating policy implications of biodiversity science by engaging in dialogues with national and international policy</li> <li>instruments, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity.</li> </ul>

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    Mountain Forum Bulletin, Volume IX, Issue 2, July 2009