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Evaluation of 'integrated action on poverty and early marriage' programme in Yemen (Executive summary)

  • Mukred, A. W.
  • Pedersen, K. H.
  • Qaid, E. M.

The prevalence of early marriage in Yemen is the highest in the Middle East and North Africa region, and is seen as a major barrier to women's development. Oxfam GB Yemen has been implementing a primarily Danida-funded project entitled 'Integrated Action on Poverty and Early Marriage' (IAPEM) over the period 2005-2008, with a total project budget of EUR 1,289,950. The project works to reduce the practice of early marriage and provide economic opportunities for women in the two governorates of Hadramut and Hudida. A final evaluation was carried out in July/August 2008, reviewing both the early marriage and livelihood component, in order to help identify what has worked well and what not, and improve the performance for phase two of the project.

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    Oxfam Programme Evaluation Reports: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/evaluations/downloads/0808_yema37_yemen_gender_exec.pdf