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Sierra Nevada yard and garden: A homeowner's guide to landscaping in the Sierra Nevada

Ultimately, how you use this book will depend on your specific needs and interests. The book is designed to be a companion in the creation and maintenance of a high quality, resource-efficient, sustainable and cost-effective landscape.

Chapter 2, Observe, advises initiating gardening endeavors by observing the natural environment in your yard and surrounding areas. Chapter 3, Design, provides sample site plans and sustainable, low-impact, wildfire-prevention gardening advice. Start your plant selection using Chapter 4, Select, which provides names of native and adapted plants for your Sierra Nevada environment. Chapter 5, Yard and Garden How-To, provides practical advice about yard and garden topics.

This book is intended to support the efforts of Sierra Nevadans to promote the ecological integrity of the Sierra Nevada region through domestic landscape management. The book is a resource for a wide spectrum of readers. If its simply some practical advice on a particular topic, browse to find the information that is need. Each chapter starts with a table of contents so this book can be used as a reference.  
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