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Livestock and rangelands in selected high altitude districts of Nepal: A review

  • Barsila, S. R.
Range/pasture is one of the natural resources where the livelihood of the mountain peoples relies on, whose main occupation is livestock farming. However, this cheaply available resource is depleting annually and thereby sustainability of the rangelands has been questioned. The situation is further worsened by other factors such as continuous grazing, high stocking rate, climatic uncertainty and so on. On the other hand, livestock population is increasing in alarming rate per year. The imbalance of the resource use and livestock demand will not only produce the ecological problems but ultimately will be the greater threats to the sustainability of mountain livelihood. In this paper, various modalities of rangeland management within the Hindu Kush Himalayan region has been review with relevance to the range/ pasture and livestock production in high lands of Nepal.
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