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Commercialization of non-timber forest products: Factors influencing success. Lessons learned from Mexico and Bolivia and policy implications for decision-makers

  • Newton, A.
  • Marshall, E.
  • Schreckenberg, K.

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) have been widely promoted as a potential solution to high rates of tropical deforestation, by increasing the value of forest resources to local people. The content of this book is based around findings from a DFID/FRP funded international research project that has examined why commercialisation of NTFPs does not consistently contribute to poverty alleviation, gender equality and sustainable resource management. It documents: <ul class='square_dot_ul'> <li>The current research context; </li> <li>The authors'&nbsp; multi disciplinary methodological approach to collecting, analysing and integrating different data types to achieve comparative analysis of 17 different NTFP case studies (in Mexico and Bolivia), based around a framework of six hypotheses and 40 research questions; </li> <li>Their conclusions as to what factors influence the success and failure of NTFP commercialisation; </li> <li>Their policy recommendations.</li> </ul>

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    UNEP-WCMC Biodiversity Series No. 23: http://www.unep-wcmc.org/resources/publications/UNEP_WCMC_bio_series/ntfp.htm