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Environmental law in developing countries: Selected issues Vol. II

  • Bonilla, M. C.
  • Fernández, E. F.
  • Jemaiel, S.
  • Mwebaza, R.
  • Zhandayeva, D.
  • Summary
InWEnt and IUCN Environmental Law Centre (IUCN-ELC) are pleased to publish the second volume of ‘Environmental Law in Developing Countries – Selected Issues’. The first volume was produced at the beginning of a five-year ‘Fellowship Programme at the IUCN-ELC’ sponsored by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft, which became InWEnt during the course of this programme. The InWEnt Fellowship Programme at the IUCN-ELC was a great success: from 2000 to 2004, nineteen Fellows, in groups of four or five, spent four months in Germany, one at an InWEnt Centre to learn about Germany, and three at the ELC, where they conducted research on an environmental law topic of their choice. The Fellows totalled 9 men and 10 women, 7 from Asia, 6 from Africa, and 6 from Latin America. All young professionals, they came from various backgrounds: government service, non-governmental organizations, and universities. They all gave the Programme a high rating, as it permitted them first to get to know and spend several months in Germany, a country new to many of them, and second to carry out research in a topic which they had chosen with a view to serving their professional development and the needs of their home country. It was not possible to publish the research results of all the Fellows. Thus a selection was made, with contributions from the 2002, 2003 and 2004 groups. We feel that this sample of the programme results illustrates the variety of interests, languages, and cultures represented in the programme, as well as the enthusiasm and professional qualities of the participants. The papers published here are the sole responsibility of their authors. However, each author, in developing his or her paper, benefited from interaction with the staff of the IUCN ELC, and guidance from the programme coordinator. All authors have acknowledged the usefulness of this process in enriching and broadening their perspectiive. InWEnt and IUCN ELC are pleased to make these papers widely available, as contributions to the debates they each raise and as a welcome source of information on developing countries’ concerns on current environmental law issues.
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    IUCNEnvironmental Law Programme, IUCN Environmental Policy and Law Paper No 43, Vol II, IUCN Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK