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Mountain biking in the Canadian rocky mountains: A situational analysis

  • Mosedale, J.
  • Summary
A high density of National Parks and other protected areas within a small area of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are close to major population centres. Protected areas are therefore an important component of the outdoor recreation system. Yet recreation, which is often incompatible with the mandate of the managing agency, can impose considerable stress on these ecosystems. This study combined the Visitor Activity Management Process with the Appropriateness Model in order to focus on policies regarding recreation and mountain biking in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and to offer a situational analysis, an examination of management strategies and specific recommendations.
  • Published in:
    Mosedale, J., 2002, Mountain biking in the Canadian rocky mountains: A situational analysis. Case study on Mountain Tourism, and the Conservation of Biological and Cultural Diversity. A Mountain Forum e-consultation for the UNEP / Bishkek Global Mountain Summit. 23-28 April 2002.
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