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Mountains of the world: Mountains, energy, and transport

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Transport and energy are key factors in sustainable mountain development. In the case of Switzerland, they go back to the beginning of the country’s history. Control of the Gotthard Pass, the most important Alpine transit route from Germany to Italy, was already an issue at this early date when income, Alpine trading rights, and resource use were at stake. The inhabitants of the Gotthard region at that time wanted the right of self-determination and the chance to make their own decisions about issues related to the pass. They did not want to be dependent on decisions made for them by people in the lowlands. The document will examine transport and energy in the mountains and related questions. The focus is first on the most significant issues surrounding transport and energy in relation to sustainable mountain development. These issues will then be illustrated by means of specific case studies, concrete experience, and best and worst practices around the world. The final chapter will deal with the elements and issues that are most important for future strategies, and address the question of implementing these strategies among various target groups. In this sense the report will contribute to better understanding of and support for sustainable mountain development in the energy and transport sectors.


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    Mountain Agenda 2001 http://www.nre4d-files.net/en/Home/Agriculture_and_Rural_Development/Rural_production_and_service_systems?applState=detail&itemID=1674