Pollination Management of Mountain Crops through Beekeeping: Trainers' Resource Book (1999)

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This publication is part of ICIMOD's initiative to promote wider use of honeybees to contain declining crop productivity due to pollination failure. This resource book is for training extension workers and mountain farmers to use bees for pollination. It covers several topics related to managing bees for crop pollination. Several illustrations have been added to facilitate understanding of the various processes. The book provides a general introduction to pollination; explains the reasons why different kinds of bees are important crop pollinators; and describes how they pollinate a crop. It describes the limitations in using bees in traditional fixed-comb hives for crop pollination and explains the advantages of movable-frame hives. The role of the hive bees, Apis Cerana and Apis mellifera, as crop pollinators rather than wild bees and how to manage them for pollination of crops in general are described in detail. Descriptions of the management of hive bees for pollination of particular crops have also been given.

Language: Urdu


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