Nature protection in climate change (2009)

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The CIPRA compact "Nature Protection" provides an overview on actions for nature protection in the Alps to limit climate change and adapt to it. In the second chapter, CIPRA gives its central statement on this issue: nature protection means climate protection. Through the renaturation of marshland, a near-natural cultivation of forests, the revitalisation of rivers and the creation of ecological combined systems, nature protection can provide an essential contribution to climate protection while also ecologically enhancing habitats in the Alps and protecting the population from natural hazards. In the third chapter, the individual correlations are thoroughly analysed and described. First of all, the authors take a look at the various measures, their relevance and consequences, then another section deals with possible conflicts with the objectives of sustainable development. At the end of the chapter, the authors summarise their most significant insights and conclusions.
Language: English
Imprint: Compact No 03/2009. A Background Report of CIFRA: 2009
Series: Report,