Population of HKH region and adjacent mountain areas in 2007 (2008)

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Due to lack of exact population figure of HKH region, people have been using differing figures. In view of this, an attempt has been made to estimate the population of HKH region of 2007 for ICIMOD. This has been done based on past estimates made by ICIMOD, which although in places estimated, are based on census data. As seen from the Table, there are 210.53 million people living in the HKH region, which is more than the population of 9 Western European countries. There are 2. 9 billion population in HKH countries, served by ICIMOD, which is quite close to half of the world population (6.6 billion at present). It clearly shows the direct and indirect coverage of ICIMOD's work and the relevance of the Centre.
Language: English
Imprint: ICIMOD 2008
Series: Fact sheet,