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Watershed: People's forum on ecology (1)1

Articles in this journal include:
  • "Development": Propaganda, Promises, Lies and Profit - Anurak Wangpattana examines how "development" and the massive industry it has created is based on prejudice and arrogance - and destroys communities, cultures and the natural environment.
  • Jaakko Poyry - Master Plans to Finnish the Forests - Local communities, NGOs and independent academics rejected the Forestry Sector Master Plan drawn up by "experts" from the Finnish forestry consultant company, Jaakko Poyry. Noel Rajesh writes the history that Jaakko Poyry would prefer to forget.
  • Community Protection of a Watershed - The Karen communities of the Upper Mae Wang watershed in northern Thailand have managed and conserved their community forest for generations. Pornthip Boonkrob describes the relationship between the Karen knowledge system, their rotational cultivation methods, and forest conservation.
  • Mekong Politics: "New Era", Same Old Plans - A look behind the latest news stories on the Mekong River Commission.
  • Community Voices - Speaking Out on the Pak Mun Dam - Mun River village leaders, Sompong Wiengchan and Thongcharoen Seehatham talk about a State "development" project's impact on local people.
  • Visions of Development: Japan International Volunteer Centre & Asian Development Bank.
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