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Studies of EIA practice in developing countries: A supplement to the UNEP EIA Training Resource Manual (Case studies I)

  • McCabe, M.
  • Sadler, B.

The Compendium of "Studies of EIA Practice in Developing Countries" is a companion volume to the UNEP Environmental Impact Assessment Training Resource Manual. It contains a series of case studies of EIA (and elements of SEA) practice in developing and transitional countries. The case studies have been prepared by EIA specialists from developing countries to exemplify how the EIA process is implemented in different parts of the developing world and to identify difficulties that are commonly encountered in EIA practice in this context. <div class="content">It is intended that the case studies will be of use in two main ways:</div> <ul class='square_dot_ul' class="square_dot_ul"> <li>Firstly, they can be incorporated into customised training materials to give them added relevance and realism.</li> <li>Secondly, the studies can be used as 'reference points' or 'building blocks' to develop specific cases that reflect experience and issues of EIA practice in a country or region.</li> </ul> Case studies come from the Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ghana and Peru.

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