• ICIMOD Publication

Resource Manual on Flash Flood Risk Management; Module 1: Community-based Management

  • Shrestha, A. B.
  • Karim, R.
  • Shah, S. H.
Flash floods are severe flood events that occur with little or no warning triggered by intense rainfall, dam failure, outbursts of glacial lakes, and similar episodes. They occur frequently in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan region where they threaten life, livelihoods, and infrastructure both in the mountains and downstream. Vulnerable groups – the poor, women, children, and people with disabilities – are often the hardest hit. ICIMOD has worked with partners to compile resource materials to help those who are working to reduce flash flood risks. These materials are now being made available in the form of a resource manual. The first volume focuses on community-based approaches to managing flash floods; the second looks at technology-based non-structural measures for managing flash floods. Both volumes were produced under a USAID/OFDA funded project
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