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Measuring Mountain Stream Discharge Using the Salt Dilution Method; A Practical Guide

  • Doppmann, G.
  • Merz, J.
When designing management improvements for water resources, it is important to know the baseline state of water courses, especially the discharge of surface water from rivers and streams. This manual is a guide to the salt dilution method, a simple and practical technique for measuring discharge in the small turbulent streams that are typically found in mountain areas, which is also ideal for use in remote high altitude regions. Despite its advantages, the method and its potential are not widely known; the original manual and handbook are only available in German. This guide has been prepared by ICIMOD to raise awareness of the technique, especially for scientists, technicians and practitioners carrying out hydrological studies, erosion assessments, and water resources management on Himalayan mountain streams. It is based on a manual in German edited by the Swiss Hydrological and Geological Survey in Berne/Switzerland, and the authors’ experiences. The guide outlines the theory and gives details of the practical steps to be followed to use this method in the field; it includes field checklists and a data input form.
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    International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
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    Kathmandu, Nepal