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Management Options for Dealing with Changing Forest-Water Relations

  • Vira, B.
  • Ellison, D.
  • Mcnulty, S. G.
  • Archer, E.
  • Bishop, K.
  • Claassen, M.
  • Creed, I. F.
  • Gush, M.
  • Gyawali, D.
  • Martin-Ortega, J.
  • Mukherji, A.
  • Murdiyarso, D.
  • Pol, P. O.
  • Sullivan, C. A.
  • Noordwijk, M. V.
  • Wei, X. A.
  • Xu, J.

This chapter addresses potential forest and water management strategies based on our understanding of the 'new normal', the challenges imposed, in particular, by climate change and human population growth, and our evolving knowledge of forest-water interactions. It further considers forest and water management strategies when water is prioritised over other forest-related goals (such as biomass accumulation or the sequestration of carbon in standing forests).

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    International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)