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Flood Frequency Analysis of Ganga River at Haridwar and Garhmukteshwar

  • Kamal, V.
  • Mukherjee, S.
  • Singh, P.
  • Sen, R.
  • Vishwakarma, C. A.
  • Sajadi, P.
  • Asthana, H.
  • Rena, V.

The Ganga River is a major river of North India and is known for its fertile alluvium deposits formed due to floods throughout the Indo-Gangetic plains. Flood frequency analysis has been carried out through various approaches for the Ganga River by many scientists. With changes in river bed brought out by anthropogenic changes the intensity of flood has also changed in the last decade, which calls for further study. The present study is in a part of the Upper Indo-Ganga plains subzone 1(e). Statistical distributions applied on the discharge data at two stations found that for Haridwar lognormal and for Garhmukteshwar Gumbel EV1 is applicable. The importance of this study lies in its ability to predict the discharge for a return period after a suitable distribution is found for an area.

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