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What Constitutes Successful Adaptation Measures? Reflections from the National and Local Context of Nepal : HI-AWARE Working Paper 17

  • Regmi, B. R.
  • Shrestha, K.
  • Sapkota, R.
  • Pathak, K.

Adaptation needs and options contain a wide variety of interventions, reflecting their multi-faceted nature. The study identified elements of successful adaptation measures and criteria for evaluating them for which the method of Multi- Criteria Analysis (MCA) was used. Participatory methods such as focus group discussions and interviews with key informants were included. District level workshops were organized to collate data and information. <p> <p> The findings showed that elements of successful adaptation options are context-specific, and vary between and among different stakeholder groups and scales of prioritization of evaluation criteria. These criteria also vary on a temporal scale (locally, sub-nationally and nationally). The findings imply that a blanket approach for understanding successful adaptation and evaluating adaptation options is not applicable at all levels. Instead, a context-specific and stakeholder-based understanding and application of the elements of successful adaptation and evaluation criteria will prove more useful for designing effective adaptation options.

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    HI-AWARE Consortium Secretariat
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