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Mountains and Rivers : Impacts of and Responses to Flash Flood in the Seti River in Nepal

  • Rai, S. K.
  • Lama, T.
  • Kumari, R.
  • Pradhan, N. S.
  • Dangal, M. R.
  • Sharma, C. M.

On 5 May 2012, a flash flood originating in the Seti river swept away Kharapani, a settlement also known as Tatopani in Sardikhola Village Development Committee (VDC), killing people and destroying the lives and livelihoods of people living and working along the river. This paper explores the perceptions and responses of flood affected people. It also looks at the impacts of the flood on people’s livelihoods and their short-term and long-term strategies for coping with and adapting to the destruction caused by the flash flood. Using data based on a qualitative survey, the study recognized the pro-active and effective contributions of social networks and nongovernmental institutions in the post-disaster situation. Although the disaster response required a lengthy process, the flood affected people still felt that the government intervention was slower than expected. This paper outlines the need for the government to have practical strategies and plans to address and respond to localized disasters like the Seti flash flood immediately. At the community level, it also illustrates the role of awareness and preparedness in minimizing the adverse effects of flash floods. The paper concluded that collaborative efforts between governmental and nongovernmental institutions prove instrumental in dealing with the post-disaster situation.

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