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Studying the Green Flag Army and the Immigrants in Yunnan in Qing Dynasty

  • Qin, S. C.
  • Tian, Z. Y.
Annotation:::: The paper provides a historical perspective of the Green Flag Army and migrants in Yunnan in the Qing dynasty. It uses the method of documental study to give an overall look at recruitment, dispatch of soldiers of the army, distribution, and changes of customs passes in the province during that time. After consulting several pieces of historical literature related to the migration of Yunnan, the author finds that the Qing dynasty continually adopted a strategy of migration in Yunnan to strengthen its rule over border areas during its regime. Also, the increase in the number of soldiers in the Green Flag Army of Qing dynasty promoted the migration drive in Yunnan. In particular, army officers, soldiers, and their families entered Yunnan, representing three types of migrants numbering over 380,000 people, and which had a significant impact on civilians in Yunnan during Qing dynasty.
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    Studies in Qing History (Quarterly)(3)
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