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Eco-Migration in Dari County, Deqin Prefecture, Yunnan Province: Creating a Road for Constructing a New Countryside with Diqin Characteristics in the Tibetan Inhabited Areas

  • Wang, N.

Annotation :::: Finally, the report concludes that ecological relocation of Deqin county, Diqin prefecture is located in northwest Yunnan province, at the southern edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Hengduan Mountain Range, and the junction of Yunnan province, Sichuan province, and Tibetan Autonomous Region. The eco-enviornment is extremely harsh in the whole county with frequent occurrence of natural disasters like snow-related disaster, drought, mud-and-rock flow, and landslides. In a geographical environment of this kind, many residents had to become eco-migrants given the lack of resources for economic development. Faced with severe pressures of poverty alleviation and ecological protection, the CPC committee and government of Deqin county began to explore an ecological strategy for “relocating residents from the mountain and growing trees in the mountain” and promote an important demonstration project for concentrated development in 2009. In the process of implementing the project, the goal for “making residents move out, lead a stable life and become better off” was gradually achieved. migrants has greatly reduced deforestation activities, wood consumption, garbage disposal, and degradation of the environment by human activities, and has increased the pace of restoring natural resources, protected the source of rivers, and overall improved the eco-environment. In addition, it has also concentrated the rural population in central villages, market towns, and near road sides and river banks. This has led to expanding the scale of the central village and market town, organically combining rural resources and urban industries with farmers’ employment, activating the second and third industries in the rural area, and quickening the pace of rural urbanization.

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