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After Paying a Return Visit to “the Village without Residence Registration”, Correspondent Finds out 60 Villagers Have Been Registered and 871 Villagers Have Already Participated in the New Rural Cooperative Medical System, with Several Problems Still Remaining Unsolved Temporarily

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Annotation :::: Newly migrated people have occupied the land, forest, and water resources of local villagers in certain areas. According to current policy in China, rural land is either owned by the local collectives or contracted to households. Rural spontaneous migrants cannot become the registered residents in the places of migration due to policy restrictions, and they cannot enjoy high levels of social security, thus causing many livelihood problems. Right now, the local government is trying to solve these problems. As the newly migrated people are not locally registered permanent residents, the local public security sector has to include those migrants in the management of the floating population. This means inputting non-native registered permanent residents in the information management system for the floating population, and deal with residence permits for spontaneous migrants according to “The Interim Measures for Servicing and Managing the Floating Population in Yunnan Province” and “The Interim Measures for Servicing and Managing the Floating Population in Honghe Prefecture”.

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