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Poiqu (Bhote-Sun Koshi) and Rongxer (Tama Koshi) Basins, Tibet Autinomous Region, Pr China: Inventory of Glaciers and Glacial Lakes and the Identification of Potential Glacial Lake Outburst Floods (Glofs)

  • Wu, L.
  • Mool, P.
  • Al, E.

Affected by Global Warming in the Mountains of the Himalayan RegionOne of the major objectives of the study was to identify areas where GLOF events had occurred and lakes that could pose a potential threat of GLOF in the near future. Out of a surprisingly large total of 354 glacial lakes, the researchers found 19 lakes that are potentially dangerous in the Poiqu basin and (Tama Koshi) in China. . These results thus provide the basis for the development of a monitoring and early warning system and for the planning and prioritisation of disaster mitigation efforts that could save many lives and properties situated downstream as well as guide infrastructure planning. In addition, it is anticipated that this study will provide useful information for many of those concerned with water resources and land-use planning.

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