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Roads from Rio+20. Pathways to achieve global sustainability goals by 2050

  • Vuuren, D. V.
  • Kok, M.
  • (Eds)
  • Esch, S. V. D.
  • Jeuken, M.
  • Lucas, P.
  • Prins, A. G.
  • Berg, R. a. M. V. D.
  • Biermann, F.
  • Grijp, N. V. D.
  • Hilderink, H.
  • Kram, T.
  • Melamed, C.
  • Pattberg, P.
  • Scott, A.
  • Stehfest, E.
  • Vries, B. D.
  • Velde, D.-W. T.
  • Wiggins, S.

This report analyses how combinations of technological measures and changes in consumption patterns could contribute to achieving a set of sustainability objectives, taking into account the interlinkages between them. The potential exists for achieving all of the objectives. The fundamental question here relates to the type of governance structures that could bring about the transformative changes required to meet the sustainable development objectives. We suggest a pragmatic governance approach that consists of a shared vision for 2050, strengthened short-term targets, and strong policy actions by governments, building on the strength of civil society and business.

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    The PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)