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Natural solutions: Protected areas helping people cope with climate change

  • Stolton, S.
  • Dudley, N.
  • Sandwith, T.
  • Belokurov, A.
  • Krueger, L.
  • Lopoukhine, N.
  • MacKinnon, K.
  • Sekhran, N.

Protected areas play a major role in reducing climate changing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. Fifteen percent of the world’s terrestrial carbon stock - 312 gigatonnes - are stored in protected areas around the world. Protected areas also serve as natural buffers against climate impacts and other disasters, providing space for floodwaters to disperse, stabilizing soil against landslides and blocking storm surges. And protected areas can keep natural resources healthy and productive so they can withstand the impacts of climate change and continue to provide the food, clean water, shelter and income communities rely upon for survival.

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    IUCNWCPA, TNC, UNDP, WCS, The World Bank and WWF, Gland, Switzerland, Washington DC and New York, USA: http://data.iucn.org/dbtw-wpd/edocs/2009-045.pdf