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Health-care reform in Georgia: A civil-society perspective: Country case study

  • Berkhout, E.
  • Hauschild, T.

Oxfam and partner organisations in Georgia have been campaigning as part of the Georgian coalition &lsquo;Future without Poverty&rsquo; for accessto quality health care, in particular maternal health care, since 2005. In 2006 the Government of Georgia launched a new health policy reform agenda, with the ultimate aim of privatising the whole Georgian health-care system. Aware of the potentially far-reaching consequences of such fast-paced health-care reform, and concerned by the lack of clear information about the strategy and the direction of these reforms, Oxfam and partner organisations decided to undertake an in-depth analysis of the reforms, using interviews with various stakeholders and detailed desk research. This report identifies the following challenges arising from reform of the health-care system in Georgia: <ul class='square_dot_ul' class="dash"> <li>How to ensure universal access to services within the private health insurance context</li> <li>How to ensure quality of care</li> <li>How to ensure meaningful civil-society participation</li> </ul> In order to address these challenges, this report recommends civil-society monitoring of the current health-care reforms in Georgia should focus on: <ul class='square_dot_ul' class="dash"> <li>Ensuring effective access to health care for the poorest population, particularly by monitoring the state-funded programmes for people living below the poverty line;</li> <li>Demanding that the Georgian Government sets strict quality standards for health-care providers, and enforces them through regulation;</li> <li>Advocating for the creation of a space for civil-society engagement in the planning and decision-making processes concerning the health-care reforms.</li> </ul>

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    Oxfam International Research Report, May 2009: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/policy/health/research-healthcare-reform-georgia.html<br />