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Evaluation of community-based primary health care project in Hadhramout, Yemen

  • Dubai, K. Y.
Oxfam's four-year Community-Based Primary Health Care Project in Hadhramout, Yemen (funded by the EC) aimed to improve the health status of poor women, men and children in 24 remote villages in Sah and Sayoun districts. It aimed to achieve this through a variety of approaches including: promoting health awareness, improving the quality of promotive, and preventive and curative basic health services and, ensuring equitable and affordable pro-poor access through the establishment of sustainable community based co-financing models in selected villages. The purpose of this final evaluation is to inform decision makers about the project's efficiency, effectiveness and impact. The primary purpose is to help the Yemen office to assess lessons learned for building on the experience of this project in supporting health care in the area and in Yemen in general, and community-based health financing in particular.
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    Oxfam Programme Evaluation Reports: http://publications.oxfam.org.uk/download.asp?dl=http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/evaluations/downloads/1208_yema34_yemen_basicservices_fullreport.pdf