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People, protected areas and global change: Participatory conservation in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe

  • Bauer, K.

The literature on protected areas has increasingly focused on the impacts of conservation initiatives on local people and the kinds of power relations linked to these areas. The relevance and importance of these questions is manifest in that the number of protected areas worldwide doubled during the decade prior to 2005. Globally, protected areas produce rapid changes in the livelihood opportunities of millions of people, particularly sources have become greater than ever. In this context, Galvin and Haller’s edited volume on participatory conservation is a welcome and important contribution. Their central concern is to discern the ecological, social, and economic benefits of protected area management. Two dozen contributors from around the world weigh in, providing an important opportunity for a North–South dialogue.

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    Mountain Research and Development, Vol 29, No 4, Nov 2009: 359&ndash;361: http://dx.doi.org/10.1659/mrd.mm058 <br />