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A field guide for assessing and monitoring reduced forest degradation and carbon sequestration by local communities: Part 2: For trainers

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This manual provides a guide for assessing and monitoring forest degration and carbon sequestration.  It gives details on data collection - selecting trainees and training, getting started with mobile GIS, training on measurement of forest stock, and main steps for carbon assessment.  The guide then provides details on analysis of data - for trees, non-tree vegetation, litter and soild and reporting of carbon data.  Recommendations are made on how to implement projects.  This guide is aimed at trainers that assist local communities to do their own assessment. The guide gives all the technical details to perform the carbon assessment with recommended tools. Trainers are most likely to be from local NGOs or CBOs that have experience with community participation and forestry.  Trainers can use this volume for themselves and use Part One as documentation for the community members.
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    Project Team KYOTO:Think Global, Act Local (K:TGAL), Department of Technology and Sustainable Development, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands: http://www.communitycarbonforestry.org