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Mainstreaming sustainable consumption and production and resource efficiency into development planning

<span class="textMain">The world is facing various challenges that threaten both ecosystems and humankind. These include climate change, land degradation, air and water pollution, depletion of non-renewable resources, poverty and hunger. Sustainable patterns of consumption and production (SCP), including efficient use of resources, can help address these challenges. <br /> <br /> This publication was developed to provide countries with support in integrating SCP approaches and tools into policies and strategies, thereby ensuring SCP is considered at all levels of development planning. The publication complements two other publications, Planning for Change, a set of guidelines on how to plan, develop and monitor national SCP programmes, and the UNDP-UNEP handbook for practitioners, Mainstreaming Poverty- Environment Linkages into Development Planning.

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    UNEP: http://www.unep.fr/shared/publications/pdf/DTIx1235xPA-MainstreamingSCPintoDevPlanning.pdf